Answered By: Lina (Support Adviser)
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To do this:

  • Tap your card on the Orange label beneath the printer screen or log in via the screen
  • Place your document into either the feeder, or lift the top to place your document on the scan bed, then close the lid
  • A number of options will appear. Press 'Scan'
  • Choose the option 'Scan Job/stamp job'; Choose 'Scan settings' for more choices
  • The button underneath the screen will turn from an orange light to a blue light; Press this to scan your document
  • A message will appear telling you to 'collect the original'
  • Log out via the 'Log out' button
  • A PDF of your scanned image will be sent to your student e-mail account as an attachment. Download this to your PC

If you use either method to scan your work onto computer and wish to edit the text of the scanned image, you can make use of our FreeOCR Program (All Programs -> Free OCR 5.02) Please speak to an IT Support Adviser of assistance with this.


Within the Library area in Cambridge and Chelmsford PC connected flatbed scanners are available to scan documents and images. There is no charge for this service, all you need to do is log on using your university username and password whilst seated at the scanner PC.

The scanner software will allow you to preview the document as a thumbnail. This provides you with the opportunity to lighten, darken or resize your document.

The scanner will then process your work and depending on the settings you choose it will do any of the following:

  • Save to a folder called H:My Scans or to a memory stick.
  • Convert to a specified file format such as word, pdf.

You can scan as many documents as you require and the software will prompt you if you need to continue after the first page.

Scanners use software called optical character reader, this will make a "best guess" of the text to be scanned.
However if you are scanning handwritten notes then you may encounter these issues:-

  • 5 may seen by the software as S
  • b may be seen by the software as 6 and so on.
  • additionally it is possible that tables from the original document will be not understood by the scanning software, causing them to be totally changed after scanning.

You will easily see this after you open your work on the computer. It is best to check this first before scanning 20 pages and finding they are of no use.

Depending on which file format you chose, documents or images can become very big in size. Although this is not a problem if you just save the file, it can be an issue if you wish to email the file as an attachment. It may be bigger than your internet 
mail allows.Yahoo for example operate a 20Mb limit.