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Recall means you need to return an item you currently have on loan as soon as possible, as another person has requested it. You will have 7 days to return it - unless the item is already due back sooner, in which case the earlier date still applies. 

Recall Q&A

Q: What happens when an item I have on loan is requested by another user?
A: We will email you to ask you to return the item and will provide a new due date. 

Q: Why is the date changed? My receipt says I have it for 3 weeks, can I keep the item until the original date it was due?
A: As the receipt says, the item is subject to recall and you must return it as soon as possible. This is to get items in demand to the next person as quickly as possible. You will have 7 days to return it. 

Q: Why is my copy recalled and not my colleague's?
A: If there are several copies the item recalled is the one that has been on loan longest. 

Q: Is every copy on loan recalled?
A: If there is more than one copy of an item out on loan only one is recalled. The other customers will be unable to renew their copy but they won't have it recalled. 

Q: So what if someone else brings a copy back?
A: If another item comes back sooner then we will tell you by email that you no longer need to bring the item back. We will also renew it for you. 

Q: Why is the fine higher for recalled items?
A: A recalled item is in demand so we charge at a higher rate (50p per day). Most customers manage to return items in 7 days. Please look out for recall emails to avoid a fine.

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